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Catering FAQ

Comal Next Door Catering offers catering for large group gatherings of all shapes and sizes through both CND Berkeley and CND Oakland.

Please read through the FAQ below before placing a catering order.

-Is there a minimum order amount?

There is no minimum amount for large group pick-up orders. Delivery orders have a $500 minimum before tax and delivery fees (delivery fees are based on location). 

-Is advance notice required?

Yes. All catering orders must be placed at least 24 hours in advance – extra-large orders may require more lead time.

-Does Comal Catering offer order delivery?

In most cases, yes.  For orders over $500, Comal Catering can provide delivery to nearby East Bay cities. Delivery Fees are based on travel distance and range from $50-$75.

-What times do you offer delivery?

We offer delivery 7 days a week, from noon – 5pm. Once you place your order, we will contact you to confirm delivery timing and details.

-Will you set up and serve my catering order?

At this time, we are not offering setup or service. All items in your order will arrive with labels and we will provide instructions as appropriate (how to set up the taco bar, dressing for salad, etc.). You can also call us with any questions about how to best serve your order after it arrives.

-How much should I order?

All catering menu item descriptions include portion information but in most cases, they are intended to serve ten people, either as a main dish (tacos, burrito bowls) or as a side dish (rice, beans, chips/guacamole, etc.). In some cases, portions are very specific (10 cookies, 10 albondigas etc.); in other cases (tacos, burrito bowls), the portion is roughly ten times the individual portion.

-Do you offer vegan, gluten-free, and nut-free menu items?

Much of our menu is gluten-free and nut-free and we have many vegan options – if you need further menu advice for special diets, please email us.

-How are catering orders packaged?

Large orders are packaged family-style in recyclable and oven-safe aluminum trays and recyclable plastic pint and quart containers. Chips are packaged in brown paper to-go bags, and some small salsas & toppings may be in compostable 8oz containers. Agua Frescas are delivered in recyclable containers. Hot items are delivered in insulated food carriers to maintain temperature.

-Will my order include disposable flatware, napkins, plates, and serving utensils?

These items are not included automatically. You can order some or all of these items in the Utensils, Etc section.

-I have additional questions – how to best get them answered?

You can email us.

-I’m ready to order!

For orders through Comal Next Door Berkeley, click here.

For orders through Comal Next Door Oakland, click here.

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